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About T Bands USA

We’re truly committed to increasing the body's overall performance.

Why T Bands?

All T Bands Performance Products contain anions. The same effects you feel and experience when exposed to high levels of anions can be duplicated when using T Band products.

T Bands™ products are not a miracle drug or antidote. They weren't designed to give you more strength, stamina, or stability than what your body is capable of. T Bands™ have been created to give you back what is being taken away or diminished by today's negative influences and emissions. If you feel like something could be improved or something is missing, T Bands™ could be for you.

All T Bands products goes through a unique manufacturing process that allows us to embed and infuse our products with high levels on anions without compromising its life enhancing benefits.

T Bands products can be worn in virtually any climate or condition. Our products have been engineered and rigorously tested and proven to withstand the toughest elements. Start experiencing T Bands performance products today.

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