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How T Bands Work

In today’s technology driven world, we are bombarded by positive ions from high tech devices that can have detrimental impacts on the way we feel and function.

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In today’s technology driven world, we are bombarded by positive ions from high tech devices that can have detrimental impacts on the way we feel and function.

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Although advancements in modern technology have made our lives more simplified and efficient, it also has simultaneously increased the possibility of health deterioration.

Cell phones, televisions, computers....

And other electronic devices are in vast abundance in today’s technologically advanced world; they also are one of the biggest contributors to the increase in positive ion exposure. Other elements such as pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and radiation are also positive ion contributors.

This increase in positive ions creates free radical molecules, which studies have shown have a direct link to tissue damage, aging, sleep disorders and an array of diseases.

We naturally feel alive and invigorated when walking near a waterfall or natural springs, when it rains, or walking on a beach...

This is because negative ions are in abundance.

What is an Ion?

Ions are active, invisible particles made up of electrons (-), which hold a negative charge, and protons (+), which carry a positive charge.

  • A positive ion, commonly referred to as a cation, is an ion that has more protons than electrons, therefore giving off a positive charge.

  • A negative ion, or commonly referred to as an anion, is an ion that has more electrons that protons, therefore giving off a negative charge

T Bands are Infused with Anions

Anions and Your Body

When we are exposed to higher levels of anions, our cells' metabolism rates elevate, which in turn activates cell antioxidant production, which helps purify our blood. Relevantly, the energy factories within the cells called mitochondria can then produce at its optimum performance level.

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    Anions permeate the blood stream by being ingested or absorbed through the skin.


    Triggers an increase in cell antioxidant production and detoxification systems that help protect the body from free-radical damage.


    Create optimal conditions for high production from the energy factors within cells called mitochondria.

4 Benefits of Anions


    Anions increase the calcium, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, and potassium in our blood. They also make our blood slightly alkali, thus purifying our blood.


    Anions increase ionized calcium, and generate endorphins, which directly helps our body’s recovery from fatigue and relieve pain.


    Gamma globulin is a protein within our blood, which acts as an immunizing antibody. When anions increase within the human body, the amount of gamma globulin in the blood also increases. Therefore, the increase in antibodies aids our body’s ability to fight off infections and viruses.


    Our body consists of 6 trillion cells. Cells that are exposed to a higher number of anions help supply nutrition within our cells and discharge waste materials. Sick and dead cells are restored as calcium increases, which therefore increase muscle activity, especially in cardiac muscles; Resulting in a strong, healthy heart.

Why T Bands?

All T Bands Performance Products contain anions. The same effects you feel and experience when exposed to high levels of anions can be duplicated when using T Band products.

T Bands™ products are not a miracle drug or antidote. They weren't designed to give you more strength, stamina, or stability than what your body is capable of. T Bands™ have been created to give you back what is being taken away or diminished by today's negative influences and emissions. If you feel like something could be improved or something is missing, T Bands™ could be for you.

All T Bands products goes through a unique manufacturing process that allows us to embed and infuse our products with high levels on anions without compromising its life enhancing benefits.

T Bands products can be worn in virtually any climate or condition. Our products have been engineered and rigorously tested and proven to withstand the toughest elements. Start experiencing T Bands performance products today.

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