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Hear what our satisfied customers have had to say after using T Bands performance products.

  • Tyler

    Las Vegas, NV

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    "The reason I wear T-BANDS is that I am a Muay Thai Kick boxer, and I need the extra edge to train hard everyday. I found that the T-BAND gives me the stamina and energy it takes to burn through a tough workout and the endurance I need to win a fight."

  • Chad

    Las Vegas, NV

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    "I want to personally thank Tbands...I love mine. I am a Natural Bodybuilder and extremely active individual with my own personal training gym and clients. My introduction to Tbands was through a client who purchased a T Band as a gift for me as it was working wonders for her.

    Well I always love to test products out, so I wore the Tband for about one week and was noticing less stress, my energy throughout the day was improved especially the afternoon slump, I was sleeping better and recovering from my training sessions was faster. Was this the Tband or was I having a good week? I then took off the Tband to test this out and only three days past because I was feeling off to say the least.

    My energy was low, sleep was altered and my will to train was hampered. I decided to wear my Tband again! I was now a believer and have never taken my Tband off since. My training is through the roof, energy is up and sleep has improved a ton. Plus I have had my share of bumps and bruises over my sporting career, especially the low back and a blown out knee. Now I actually have to remind myself that these injuries happened! All in all I love my Tband and recommend that you all try it out. Thanks T bands!"

  • Jordan

    Las Vegas, NV

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    "I am 25 years old and a dance instructor. I have danced since I was 6yrs old, it is my passion and something I truly love to do, but along with that genuine enjoyment comes along strenuous activity, muscle soreness, and strength and focus requirements that come along with it.

    Now as a mother of 2 and instructing dance to children I am not only carrying the lifelong requirements I have committed to my love for dance but I have to continue to that standard and dedicate mental and physical demands to guide and nurture growing dancers to the best of my capabilities.

    I keep a T Band in my dance bag, and every class that i instruct I wear it for that extra point on my side. The contribution to my positive energy, balance, and strength is one thing I can do to feeling the most confidence and ability to continue in my dream career. If there's anything you can do to increase your performance why wouldn't you?

    I've had strain in my back since I was in high school, and I'm sure pregnancies and deliveries and the normal ware and tear of getting older haven't helped the situation at all, but now that I can keep dancing and fulfilling my dream it's nice to know T Bands are in my corner."

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