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Luxe Racer (Black)


One Size Fits All

Luxe Racer (Black)


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Turn heads with the Luxe Series T Band.

-Adjustable links for the perfect fit.

 Health Features:

-Forged stainless steel.

-Pure Germanium

-Authentic laser engraved logo on clasp.

-Anion charged

-Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Blend

Luxe Series Tungsten Luxe Series
The Luxe Series T Band is the most beneficial wristband you'll ever wear.  Utilizing the same health benefits as the T Series T Bands, the Luxe Series T Bands are heavier, more durable, and add a splash of elegance with its fully metal construction.  The Luxe Series also features more than double the anion, germanium, and far infrared output as the T Series.  Rest assured that the Luxe Series will turn heads and be confident knowing that you're taking care of your body at the same time. Heavier, more durable, with splash of elegance.

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